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Welcome to the LPWBR Mapping Application!

This application serves as a common place for users to interact with data held by the Long Point Biosphere Reserve Foundation (LPWBRF), community partners, government agencies, and other organizations.

To begin, click on the Catalog tab above. Layers can be toggled on and off. Located to the right is the map interface. Use your mouse to zoom in, zoom out, and pan within the map.
Additional tools are located above the About-Catalog-Visible tabs. These include Measure, Identify, and Print. Click on the tools to enable.

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Metadata Catalog

The Long Point Biosphere Reserve Foundation is working towards building a rich collection of data to support the mission of LPWBRF.

Please visit our Metadata Catalog application to search, discover, and learn about the data we use. This is a complimentary application that will launch in a new window.